Sofa with built in table - Wood and glass dining table - Small glass end tables.

Sofa With Built In Table

sofa with built in table

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Sultan Abdul Samad Building - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Sultan Abdul Samad Building - Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

It was designed by A.C. Norman and built in 1894-1897 to house several important government departments during the British administration. A.C. Norman spent time in Africa and saw Muslim mosque in India which led him to use Moorish architecture in the building's design.

Topped by a shiny copper dome and a 40m high clock tower, it is a major landmark in the city. It serves as the backdrop for important events such as the National Day Parade on August 31 and the ushering in of the New Year. This heritage building used to be occupied by the then Apex Court of Malaysia, the Supreme Court which was subsequently renamed the Federal Court. The Court of Appeal was also housed in this historic building. The Federal Court and the Court of Appeals have since moved to the Palace of Justice located in Putrajaya, the new Federal administrative capital. The Sultan Abdul Samad Building now houses the Commercial Division of the High Court of Malaya.
Behind the building flows the Klang river and across from it stands Jamek Mosque, a mosque of similar design by the same architect.

Italian modern sofas - Milan design week 2011- Italian sofa furniture

Italian modern sofas - Milan design week 2011- Italian sofa furniture

Living room sofas become the main part of this area by interacting with you . A sofa like this with elements which moves and curves 45 degree to create curved sections, with adjustable wooden back shelves which are set at different heights to accomodate a working stations where you can use your computer, comfortable large pillows for a nice seating relaxing postures, connecting elements made by side tables with built in trays and much more. These Italian sofas are becoming a high tech design piece for the future family.

sofa with built in table

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